Bonus: Ten things that will happen in the next decade

Since it is the beginning of a new decade (which, technically, it isn’t but let’s ignore that for now) I asked my crystal ball to help me make some predictions for the 2020s as well:

  1. There will be a bear market.

  2. There will be a bull market.

  3. Someone will call a new technology a megatrend.

  4. Stock investments that try to exploit this new technology will crash.

  5. Someone will call demographic change a megatrend.

  6. Stock investments that try to exploit demographic change will not perform.

  7. The ten largest companies in the world in 2030 will be different companies than the ten largest companies today.

  8. Investment fees will decline.

  9. The majority of active funds will underperform passive funds.

  10. Financial services firms will reinvent the wheel.