Ten things that will happen in 2020

Every year, famous and not so famous people polish their crystal balls to make a prediction about the stock market in the year ahead. It just so turns out that I have my very own crystal ball sitting on my living room table. It’s an antique one with a Swarovsky crystal ball, so it must be good. I have gazed into it lately and these are my ten predictions for stock markets in 2020:

  1. Stock markets will rally for several months and investors will become complacent.

  2. Then stock markets will drop, and investors will freak out.

  3. Somebody will argue that stock markets are overvalued and prone to a major crash.

  4. Somebody will argue that stock markets are attractively valued and a buying opportunity.

  5. Somebody will argue that this is the year of the stock picker.

  6. Companies will guide their earnings for the next quarter down and then see their share prices rally after they beat the estimated earnings for the quarter.

  7. A CEO will be fired for disappointing results.

  8. A political event in your country will dominate the news that will have absolutely no long-term consequences on stock market performance.

  9. CNBC and Bloomberg TV will have a breaking news alert on something nobody cares about and that does not matter.

  10. If markets don’t go down, they will go up.