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"Of course, there is no point in going to church when you are an atheist or don’t like religious practices. That’s only going to make you more miserable."

This year I purchased and read a slim volume titled Mistakes Every Investor Makes (And How To Avoid Them). Since you're an investor, you may have a copy on your shelf and could turn to chapter five which discusses the importance of not ignoring the other side of the story. The writer's insight applies to many more areas of life than just the financial markets.

Please don't accept the media's caricature of the atheist as an angry, bitter individual who holds religious people in contempt. It's not any fairer than the frequent depiction of religious people as, to use the medical term, nutjobs.

Religious people and atheists both have beliefs: God exists or gods don't exist. The religious person is reliably exposed to the other side of the story through world events and personal tragedy. Some change their belief as a result. World events and personal tragedy, on the other hand, reinforce the atheist's view (see section on confirmation bias in referenced chapter above).

Atheists (and agnostics and religious people) who desire more happiness would be wise to seek society with happy people. If the happy people are at a religious holiday service, then go join them. Guests are almost always welcome in houses of worship. At the very least, the music of the season can be very beautiful and, quite possibly, the atheist may begin to encounter the other side of the story.

Merry Christmas and enjoy your time away!

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