Excellent post for a Friday.....it is surprising how often we need to be reminded how fortunate we are.

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It just is so much easier to attract attention by moaning about our misfortune. So that's all you see in the media...

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Jun 10, 2022Liked by Joachim Klement

This is true. We are far better off now by almost any measure, lifespan, material goods, health are all up massively while illiteracy, crime rates, violence, wars and murder are all, on the whole, down a lot.

Heck, we're even starting to agree that people should be treated well whatever their colour, sex or LBGT+ status. Now that IS progress to a better world.

Physical things are, well, just better now. Everything from bicycle lights/cars/bathroom taps/nail polish is just better made, better designed and nicer to use. I don't think economic data measures this well.

If somebody tells me "it was better in the past" I tell them no, you were younger and so better looking, fitter, energetic and more active than now - the world's got better while you've got worse. (It's a real conversation stopper)

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